Uncomfortable Lesson

As a large man that tends to sweat rather easily, I have never cared much for hot weather. When the mercury starts pushing 80+ degrees, my level of discomfort also starts to rise dramatically. But, as my wife has reminded me many times, I know that I am not necessarily the only person in the … [Read more…]

Newness of Life

As Spring approaches, I am looking out at our backyard and observing the bare limbs of several trees. If someone were to look at them for the first time right now, they might wonder if they were sick or even alive. But I know that in just a few weeks new leaves will start to … [Read more…]

Encouragement in Trials

I have to be honest, 2024 has started out pretty rough for me. I had a run-in with a snowblower (which could’ve been much worse!), I came down with Covid for the second time in my life, and the Bills are, once again, not playing in the Super Bowl! It has been difficult for me … [Read more…]

New Year

As we, yet again, turn the calendar to a new year, I am sure that many of us have thought about the past year and, perhaps, have made plans and goals for the coming year. Whether these plans/goals are in the form of resolutions or something else, we must remember that the coming year, and … [Read more…]


Whenever somebody asks me what my favorite season is, I never hesitate to answer, “Autumn!” I love the crisp, cool air and the changing colors of the trees. But, I also love the various aromas equated with autumn: fresh apples, cinnamon, pumpkin spice (in moderation!), and even the falling leaves seem to give off a … [Read more…]

Labor Day

I’ve always found it a bit ironic that we have a national holiday called “Labor Day.” I know it has to do with labor unions and showing appreciation for those who work hard doing important jobs that, frankly, many people would rather not do; but I still think it is an interesting name for a … [Read more…]

Summer Time Encouragement

We are in the heart of Summer, a time when (most) kids aren’t even thinking about school and families are going on exciting adventures. Family vacations can be very beneficial and fun (with, perhaps, a dash of stress and bickering), but they can also lead to emptier Sunday-morning worship services. I do not say this … [Read more…]

Season of Love

When people think about the month of February, chances are good that their thoughts go to Valentine’s Day. Afterall, Valentine’s Day merchandise has been in stores since the day after Christmas! Of course, this holiday is devoted to celebrating and honoring romantic love, which is perfectly fine. In fact, I think we Christians can sometimes … [Read more…]


On July 4th, it will be 246 years since our founding fathers declared our independence from England. And, as we celebrate this freedom from tyranny and oppression, let us not forget about the infinitely greater freedom that we have in Christ. In his letter to the Galatian believers, Paul makes a simple yet profound statement: … [Read more…]

The Month of Weddings

As I type this, I should probably be getting ready for a wedding that Mae and I are attending today (May 28) near our old Chemung stomping grounds. Of course, June is known for being the most popular month for weddings to occur. Mae and I have never really been one for trends, hence we … [Read more…]